What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Air Filter?

A dirty air filter can cause a range of problems in your home, from allergens building up in your duct system to mold growth and even frozen air conditioners. Not only can a clogged filter lead to poor air quality, but it can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Here's what you need to know about the consequences of not cleaning your air filter. When a filter is clogged with dust, dander, and debris, the blower has to work harder to get air through it. This reduces the airflow in your home, resulting in hot and cold spots and difficulty achieving desired indoor temperatures.

Additionally, the strain on the motors in your system means they are working longer than they were designed to, leading to higher than normal utility bills. According to the Department of Energy, a clogged filter can cause a 15% increase in energy consumption. If you leave the air filter of an air conditioning unit clogged for too long, you may experience a system-wide failure. The amount of strain caused by a dirty filter can cause ice formation on the coils, and dust particles may start coming out of the ventilation grilles. If your air conditioner continues to work, licensed technicians can take a look at your air filter and clean or replace it if necessary. The best way to prevent these issues is to replace your home's air filters every month during peak usage.

If you have pets or have a lot of chemicals in your house, indoor air quality will be even worse with a clogged filter. If your home is well sealed, you have no pets, no furniture or carpets prone to dust, and you vacuum every day, your air filters will have fewer particles that accumulate the air. At Ambient Edge, we offer preventive maintenance contracts so you never have to worry about a dirty air filter ruining the performance of your air conditioner. Our experienced technicians can inspect and clean or replace your filters as needed so that you can enjoy clean air and lower energy bills all year round.

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