Can a Clogged Cabin Air Filter Affect Your Car's Engine?

The HVAC system in your car is responsible for providing the air quality inside the passenger compartment. It is made up of two filters: an engine air filter and a cabin air filter. The engine air filter is responsible for the performance of the vehicle, while the cabin air filter is responsible for the quality of the air inside the car. If the cabin air filter is left beyond its useful life, it can cause the engine to burn out due to the HVAC system working harder.

A clogged or dirty cabin air filter will restrict the amount of air flowing through the vents, leading to a decrease in efficiency of your car's filter and HVAC system. This can cause bad odors from the ventilation grilles when the car's HVAC is operating, as well as an increase in condensation on window glass. It is important to replace your cabin air filter regularly to avoid problems with the operation of your vehicle, as well as to protect your health. If you are driving in heavily polluted areas or traveling on dirt roads, you should change your cabin air filter every 5,000 miles.

If you have allergies, respiratory sensitivity, bad pollen in your area, or live in a city with excessive smog, you may need to replace your cabin air filter more often. Fortunately, there are several symptoms of dirt on the cabin air filter that can alert you to a problem before it reaches a critical point. Let's take a look at some useful tips for car AC filters in Chino, CA and the dangers of not changing your cabin air filter.

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