Can a Dirty Cabin Air Filter Cause AC Not to Cool?

Changing your Cabin Air Filter is essential for keeping your air conditioner running efficiently. A dirty filter can cause strain on the entire system, leading to costly repairs and even premature replacement. Not only will this affect your air conditioner's performance, but it can also have a negative impact on your health. When the air filter is clogged, the air conditioning unit has difficulty operating properly.

This can cause parts to work harder than usual and eventually break down before their expected lifespan. In addition, a dirty air filter can lead to reduced air flow in the dashboard grilles, resulting in lackluster defrost and air conditioning performance. If your air conditioner is producing warm air instead of cooling cold air, the main culprit could be a dirty filter. In extreme cases, the clogged filter can completely obstruct the airflow, either by causing the fan motor to fail or by sucking the filter out of the housing along with all the debris that seeps out.

Although specific guidelines for replacing your vehicle's cabin air filter are often provided in the owner's manual, the basics of changing your car's cabin filter are detailed below. Sliding a wet filter back into the air conditioner only requires icing and other problems, and trying to dry the filter is likely to damage its delicate surface. Most homeowners tend to forget to change their filters until the day the air conditioner stops working. However, if the air filter is new, but the air conditioner is still producing warm air, consider hiring an expert.

While an air conditioner should normally turn on when it senses a temperature increase and turn off when the room has cooled sufficiently, short cycles can occur when you have a dirty air filter.

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